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  • Pure E dried arctic wild codfish maw

    Pure E dried arctic wild codfish maw

    Huajiao (fish maw) is known for its rich gum. It is made through the cutting and drying of swim bladder (organ controlling the ups and downs of the fish) of all kinds of fish. Huajiao is one of the four seafood, which is included in one of the "eight treasures". Fish maw is also a kind of classic foodstuff.

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  • Canadian Canola Oil - North Eco canola oil

    Canadian Canola Oil - North Eco canola oil

    Every summer, Canadian prairies are in full bloom in the endless yellow flowers - rape flower. Canadian plant scientists studied it in the 1960s and successfully planted it on the eve of the 1970s, and soon the farmers planted it on the fertile soil of Canada. Today, rapeseed has become one of Canada's most valuable crops. The crops harvest large quantities of double-low rapeseed in the fall, thereby producing Canadian canola oil (low content of erucic acid and cake glucosinolate). Canadian canola rapeseed are mostly produced in the three provinces of the Prairie, where cool climates and fertile soils provide the perfect conditions for the crop to grow; in fact, rapeseed is widely grown in Canada, and its harvest is very rich. Until today, Canadian farmers are continuing to create a new record of canola yield to meet the growing demand for the crop.

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  • Pure E Canadian wild dried sea cucumber

    Pure E Canadian wild dried sea cucumber

    Canadian Pure E arctic sea cucumbers are produced in the eastern province of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland provinces, whose waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the surrounding waters are affiliated with the Arctic Circle of the North Atlantic. The sea cucumbers always grow in the underwater 20-50 meters of coastal waters that are rare and surrounded by no industry.

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