Canadian Canola Oil - North Eco canola oil

Every summer, Canadian prairies are in full bloom in the endless yellow flowers - rape flower. Canadian plant scientists studied it in the 1960s and successfully planted it on the eve of the 1970s, and soon the farmers planted it on the fertile soil of Canada. Today, rapeseed has become one of Canada's most valuable crops. The crops harvest large quantities of double-low rapeseed in the fall, thereby producing Canadian canola oil (low content of erucic acid and cake glucosinolate). Canadian canola rapeseed are mostly produced in the three provinces of the Prairie, where cool climates and fertile soils provide the perfect conditions for the crop to grow; in fact, rapeseed is widely grown in Canada, and its harvest is very rich. Until today, Canadian farmers are continuing to create a new record of canola yield to meet the growing demand for the crop.

The demand for canola products in Canada is very high around the world, as modern technology and extraction standards ensure that these products meet the high expectations of buyers everywhere. The United States is our largest importer of double-low rapeseed oil and meal; Japan is the largest rapeseed importer; rapeseeds are used to squeeze oil in the country. Mexico and China also import Canadian rapeseed, whose meals are sold by sea to Indonesia, South Korea and other Pacific countries.

Canadian canola oil is a good choice for many consumers because it is very healthy. It contains the lowest saturated fat in all cooking oils, only half of the saturated fat content of olive oil, and it does not contain any trans fats or cholesterol. Studies have shown that replacing canola with canola oil can help people better protect their heart health. Canadian double-low rapeseed oil benefits a lot: It is light, tasteless and it can be used in salad juice, pouring juice and marinade to highlight the flavors of other ingredients. Canadian low-rapeseed oil can also make cake, bread and other baked goods soft and moist; and its high temperature of the smoke point makes it ideal for frying and stir-frying oil. It is suitable for cooking all kinds of dishes.

Canada's low-acid rapeseed oil is not only used in cooking, but also in cosmetics, printing inks, sunscreen, oil, fiber and lubricants. In addition, Canadian double-low rapeseed oil is also used in the manufacture of renewable clean fuel bio-diesel, a biodegradable diesel alternative. The remaining nutritious meal after rapeseed oil extraction is a high-protein feed for livestock.

The Canadian Grain Council (CGC), a world-renowned Canadian government agency has been around for nearly a century, whose management can make sure that Canada offers its customers the highest quality double-low rapeseed. CGC regulates the grading standards for all Canadian oil seed crops and ensures that these standards are strictly applied to the annual harvest of canola. Each grade of rapeseed is also sent to the Grain Council of Canada's Grain Research Laboratory for analysis to verify that they have the quality the customer wants. To ensure the safety of all products, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency monitors them closely. Thereby ensuring consistent quality of products, this means that our customers can be well aware of the quality performance of Canadian double-low rapeseed products.

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