Nutritional value of Canadian arctic sea cucumber

1) High protein, low fat, zero cholesterol Canadian arctic sea cucumbers are tested by the Food Bureau of professional testing: the protein content is up to 65.8%, fat content is less than 0.7% and there is no cholesterol. According to the "People's Republic of China aquaculture industry standards", special sea cucumbers' protein content should be greater than 60% and salt content should be less than 12%. By this token, Canadian arctic sea cucumbers' indicators are better than the national super sea cucumber standard.

2) Enhancing male function and beauty Canadian Arctic sea cucumbers contain 18 kinds of amino acids, among which 10 kinds are very high, especially arginine. Arginine is an important component of male sperm cells, and it can enhance the function of men. Meanwhile, it is the synthesis material of human collagen, and it can promote cell regeneration, repair the body after injury, improve the immune activity of lymphocytes, enhance human immunity and has the effect of longevity. Glycine and basic amino acids in collagen are the material basis of hemopoiesis, nourishing blood and promoting calcium absorption. And it plays an important role in the beauty of women.

3) Anti-cancer Canadian Arctic sea cucumbers, because of low growth temperature, long growth cycle, rich sea cucumber elements, are also known as sea cucumber saponins. There are 4 forms in sea cucumbers, among which Holot-hurinI is of high amount. Its medical value lies in indicating cytotoxicity for experimental tumor cells. Some sea cucumber elements removed by solvent are more active than prototype saponins. In clinical trials, the sea cucumber saponin band extracted from the Canadian arctic sea cucumbers can quickly kill cancer cells, thus effectively inhibit the malignant tumor transplantation and growth.

4) Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides extracted from the Canadian arctic sea cucumbers can resist tissue-specific cell culture lesions caused by HSV. Sea cucumber glycosaminoglycan can significantly inhibit the infection of HIV on cultured cells. Moreover, it is proved that sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide has obvious impact on Chronic hepatitis patients Sanyang - Hb-Sag, HbeAg and anti-HBc, and on restoring liver function. Because of its hither content of sapiens, it can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic fungi (trichophyton, mucor, candida, aspergillus and trichomonas). The function of Holot-hurinI is especially prominent.

5) Preventing neurological diseases and Alzheimer's disease In clinical trials, rat cortical neurons developed outside sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide carrier have obvious function on cortical neuronal damage or apoptosis caused by amyloidβ-protein. Such polysaccharides have the effect of preventing degeneration of central neurons, such as Alzheimer's disease. Saponins contained in arctic sea cucumbers, at the same time, can block the nerve muscle conduction, and prevent cerebral palsy and spasm caused by concussion and spinal injury.

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