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We take quality-oriented, customer being supreme, innovation and first-class service as business philosophy, being engaged in creating strong brand.


All people can afford imported food, and we will bring the best products and the highest cost-effective health into the tens of thousands of households.


Create a new concept of Canadian imported food; create a new benchmark of industrial mode; do practical things for health.


Adhere to "green organic" concept of family health to provide consumers with safer, greener organic food and health care products.

About Us

Canada Food Locker Trading Inc. creates “PUREE”-a healthy organic food system according to their own brand and sales experience of many years. It sets a good example for Sino-Canada innovation and inheriting.

We consistently adhere to the concept of pure and natural food, in order to make healthy organic food brands which can be relied on by people of Canada and China.

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Sea Cucumbers

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Canola Oil

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Fish Maw

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The benefit of eating Canadian sea cucumber

Found only in salty waters, sea cucumbers are sausage-shaped animals with a warty and leathery skin. They are widely used as food and folk medicine in many cultures in the Middle East and Asia. Sea cucumbers, though flavorless, readily absorb the flavors of seasonings and foods they are cooked with.

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